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 So true. *yawn* and boy did I sleep!! Good morning peeps!! #sleep #saturday
 So true. *yawn* and boy did I sleep!! Good morning peeps!! 
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during the school year: eats every single edible thing i can find
during summer: idk i think i ate an almond today
"But being nice wasn’t as easy as it seemed, especially when the rest of the world could be so mean." - Just Listen (Sarah Dessen)

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"Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to. Stay home on New Year’s Eve if that’s what makes you happy. Skip the committee meeting. Cross the street to avoid making aimless chitchat with random acquaintances. Read. Cook. Run. Write a story." - Susan Cain (via lovequotesrus)

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I highly dislike LSU but damnnn
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"You don’t owe people the person you used to be. You don’t have to talk to people who are speaking to the old you. If they want to drag old you out, and you’ve already left that person behind, they don’t get to talk to you. When you’ve gone from weakness to strength, you don’t owe a show of your former self to someone who just can’t wrap their head around your change." - Dig Yourself  (via harukimuracallme)

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"I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day." - Emile Hirsch (via nyu-tah)

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"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult" - anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)

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Emily. Small town Mississippi Girl. NEMCC Sophomore. Joshua 1:9.